Project Q investigates the geopolitical and societal implications of quantum innovation in computing, communications and artificial intelligence.

As governments, corporations and universities pour funds into quantum science, and breakthroughs in quantum technology gather pace, important questions about the reality of a quantum future remain unanswered.

Project Q brings together physicists, philosophers and policymakers, military specialists, social scientists and international relations experts, to explore critical questions:

  • How will quantum technologies change the world?
  • What is the ‘quantum race’? Who is winning and who is losing?
  • How can the nuclear arms and space races help us understand the quantum race?
  • What are the risks and benefits of quantum innovation to global peace and security?
  • In an increasingly interconnected world can quantum theory provide new models for global politics?

In a notoriously complex field where ignorance is matched by hype, Project Q seeks to develop a multidisciplinary fluency in all things quantum. Featuring news updates, blog posts and a multimedia library of interviews, lectures and panel discussions world-leading quantum researchers, Project Q has all you need to know.

Funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Project Q is an initiative of the Centre for International Security Studies at the University of Sydney.