With powerful new quantum innovations on the horizon, it is time to reconsider past and advance new meta-physical responses to the potential third wave of a quantum revolution. Q6 moves from exploration to application, to assess advantages emerging not only from quantum technologies but from quantum heuristics, aesthetics and ethics.

Q6 keynotes included among other experts, quantum physicist and women in science advocate, Shohini Ghose; international digital artist Refik Anadol; philosopher of information science Helen Nissenbaum; professor of philosophy and religion Jeffrey Kripal; expert in technology law, ethics and policy Florian Martin-Bariteau; theoretical physicist and jazz musician Stephon Alexander; quantum physicist and ballet dancer Merritt Moore; and science fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson.

The sixth annual Q Symposium took place on 24-25 June 2021. Highlights of the Q6 Symposium are available at Q6 Multimedia.