The Q strategy uses a network model, in which a diverse group of international scholars and practitioners are brought together in a series of symposiums. Operating under the assumption that the most pressing and least expected global issues exceed traditional modes of inquiry and authority, Project Q invites participants who are able and willing to collaborate across disciplines, step outside of their professional silos, engage in critical inquiry and consider new policy options. The proceedings of these discussions as well as greenroom interviews (over 50 to date) are video recorded, edited and posted on this topic-specific website. In addition, short documentary videos are produced to provoke further discussion and enhance public awareness. You can find these productions in the various pages of this website under their respective themes based on our annual symposia:

Q1: Peace and Security in a Quantum Age

Q2: The Space-Time of War and Diplomacy

Q3: Peace and Security in a Quantum Age: Moment, Matter, Mind and Metaphysics

Q4: Quantum Computing, Communication, Control and Intelligence (QC3I)

Q5: The Quantum Race: Parallels, Powers and Perils (QRP3)

Q6: Quantum Meta-Physics: Heuristics | Aesthetics | Ethics

QM-E Multimedia

The Q events are also simultaneously blogged. The Project Q blog examines the latest quantum developments. Between 2018 and now, a total of 115 blogs were published with more planned. This Project Q website contains expert researchers debate all things quantum in our collection of interviews, panel discussions and public talks. The Project Q Twitter has 808 followers keeping them up to date with all the Project Q news posts. And if you want to find out more about Project Q, you can find related documentaries in our Project Q YouTube account.