About Q1


Q1 Symposium: Peace and Security in a Quantum Age
Q Station, Sydney, Australia
20-22 February 2014

‘Predictions can be very difficult, especially about the future.’
— Niels Bohr

The ‘Q Symposium: Peace and Security in a Quantum Age’, the first annual conference of the Centre for International Security Studies, to be held 20-22 February 2014.

Q starts with the annual Michael Hintze Lecture at the Quadrangle of the University of Sydney on Thursday 20 February at 4 pm.  The following morning participants will board a ferry at the Circular Quay for a two-day symposium at the historic Q Station, the former quarantine site at the entry to Sydney Harbour.

Peace and security scholars and experts as well as scientists and humanists, diplomats and soldiers, journalists and filmmakers, risk analysts and risk takers, among others, will gather to address probabilistic global events of high consequence, the ‘white swans’ of the Southern Hemisphere.

From a Youtube video of an oil spill to an Instagram of a human rights violation to a Twitter realtime feed of a terrorist bombing to a Wikileak of classified documents, multiple media interventions are transfiguring global politics.  Events phase-shift in a single news cycle from states to sub-states, local to global, public to private, organized to chaotic, virtual to real – and back again.  Complex, volatile, and emergent peace and security issues require new and timely thinking as well as responses. 

Q applies the latest innovations in the natural, social and human sciences to a reconfiguration of global power, developing peace and security issues and the role of networked global media in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. Q will examine rising powers, new actors, financial crises, terrorist attacks, cyberconflicts, uberveillance, pandemics, natural and unnatural disasters as well as white swans.  With Sydney universities leading the way in quantum computing and communication, Q will also consider the political, strategic, diplomatic, financial and ethical implications of the moment when quantum shifts from the microphysical and metaphorical to the macrophysical and actual.

Q quarantines critical thinkers and innovative practitioners to question the assumptions of traditional security studies by engaging in quality transdisciplinary research on quantum global effects. Q is made possible by the support of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Social and Political Sciences, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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