The Critical Quantum Technology: Creating Scientific Fluency, Ethical Awareness and Policy Options for a Quantum Future (CQT) Project is an extension of the Quantum Meta-Ethics (QM-E) Project and Project Q. The QM-E Project and Project Q are both initiatives of the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) that examine the political, economic, societal, and geopolitical implications of quantum technologies. Supported by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and run in partnership with the New Delhi Observer Research Foundation (ORF), the CQT Project takes the findings of these previous projects and turns them into practical deliverables designed for both expert and lay audiences. These outputs include an online digital book, an innovative online short course, a government discussion paper with policy recommendations and an accords framework, and a groundbreaking documentary. All of these outputs are tailored to inform and guide stakeholders in government, industry, and the general public, facilitating a broad understanding and responsible integration of quantum technologies into society.

The CQT Project is led by CISS Director Professor James Der Derian, in partnership with Dr Rajeshwari Rajagopalan of the Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation (ORF), supported by Sameer Patil, Prateek Tripathi, and members of the CISS team Gabriella Skoff, Stuart Rollo, and Jayson Waters. The Project also receives input from leading scholars from the Indo-Pacific region. The Project unites academics, business, government, legal and policy experts, to develop world-first quantum accords to inform international governance of quantum technologies.

Building on cutting edge research and analysis, and informed by world leaders in quantum science, technology, ethics, geopolitics, international security, and many other fields, the CQT Project develops the necessary fluency, frameworks, and policies for a peaceful, prosperous, and equitable quantum future.