About the Q Symposium

With the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, CISS has instituted ‘Project Q: Peace and Security in a Quantum Age’, which is composed of research and policy areas corresponding to annual symposia that are distributed through multiple media:

  • Q1 examines how sensitive, relative, and dependent the global events driving world politics are upon observational, theoretical, and practical interventions
  • Q2 asks why the radical disjunctures of WWI, WWII and quantum theory changed everything but, pace Einstein, our way of thinking about international peace and security
  • Q3 investigates the most recent developments in quantum mind, matter and metaphysics that are converging into a quantum moment
  • Q4 considers intellectual, ethical and policy guidelines for when quantum computing, communication and intelligence become operational
  • Q5 assesses the geopolitical and ethical risks and benefits of a quantum race

The Q Symposia are speculative and exploratory but reality-checked by a reflexivity grounded in philosophical and historical inquiry, field experience and thought experiments, cinematic imaginaries and dreamtime.