The Q Symposium is held annually at the historic Q Station, the former quarantine site of Sydney Harbour. Structured along thematic lines, each gathering explores research and policy questions corresponding to the latest developments in quantum innovation.

  • Q1 examined how the global events driving world politics are relative to and dependent upon observational, theoretical, and practical interventions.
  • Q2 asked why the radical disjunctures of WWI, WWII and quantum theory changed everything but our way of thinking about international peace and security.
  • Q3 investigated the recent developments in quantum mind, matter and metaphysics that are converging into a quantum moment.
  • Q4 considered intellectual, ethical and policy guidelines for when quantum computing, communication and intelligence become operational.
  • Q5 assessed the geopolitical and ethical risks and benefits of a quantum race.
  • Q6 moves from exploration to application, to assess advantages emerging not only from quantum technologies but from quantum heuristics, aesthetics and ethics.
  • Q7 presents for peer review a beta-version of the online @Book and a rough cut of the Project Q documentary film.

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