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19 11, 2019

The ‘Who, What, Where, When and Why’ of a Quantum Internet

2020-04-16T20:18:05+10:00By |Applications, Quantum Internet, Quantum IR|

With all of the recent hype about quantum supremacy, it’s easy to forget that quantum supremacy in communications was demonstrated years ago. One of the most exciting developments on the horizon for quantum communications is a quantum internet, which will securely transmit quantum information.

18 09, 2019

Why Has Science Stopped Trying to Understand Quantum Theory?

2020-04-07T00:44:33+10:00By |Research|

Most people don't understand quantum mechanics, but did you know that not even the physicists who created the theory could figure out what it really means? And since then, little progress has been made. Project Q explores how the academic system that should be fostering that discovery may instead be hampering it.

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