Yearly Archives: 2021

26 04, 2021

The Art of Showing: Review Article

2021-04-26T19:04:10+10:00By |Politics, Quantum IR, Quantum Philosophy|

Nicholas Harrington reviews Quantum Social Theory for Critical International [...]

27 03, 2021

An Equitable Solution to the Problem of AI Discrimination

2021-05-06T03:57:29+10:00By |Computing, Politics, Quantum AI|

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms generate prejudicial outcomes [...]

19 02, 2021

Quantum Surveillance

2021-05-06T03:58:04+10:00By |Computing, Politics, Quantum AI, Security|

If quantum surveillance, by leveraging quantum algorithms and unlimited access to metadata, could identify individuals in society who seek to do harm – and do so in a way that ensures the innocent were never abused and information was never compromised – is this something society should adopt?

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