The Simons Foundation recently announced the formation of the Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ), with the appointment of Antoine Georges as its director.

The announcement comes as a sign of growing interest by foundations in the research and development of quantum systems, joining government bodies and companies alike (i.e. Google, IBM, Microsoft).

According to the Simons Foundation website, CCQ is expected to comprise up to 60 scientific and support personnel, and will host meetings, workshops and conferences with the aim to serve as a focal point for computational materials science internationally.  The Center is also aiming to “develop the concepts, algorithms and computational tools needed to handle many-body quantum systems […] and make them available to the scientific community.”

CCQ’s new director, Antoine Georges is Chair in Condensed Matter Physics at the Collège de France and is Professor of Physics at Ecole Polytechnique and at the University of Geneva. The new Center will begin operations in September 2017 alongside the Centers for Computational Astrophysics and Computational Biology within the Simons Foundations’ Flatiron Institute in Manhattan.

Image: Simons Foundation