The University of Sydney is set to open its one of a kind Nanoscience Hub on April 20, following a public lecture on April 19. The news of the launch has been published on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald.

Associate Professor Michael Biercuk, Professor Benjamin Eggleton and Professor David Reilly will run the three flagship projects at the new Hub on quantum simulations, building quantum devices, and the development of nanoscale photonic circuits, respectively.

Both Associate Professor Biercuk and Professor Reilly have presented papers on their work in quantum technology at the Q Symposium, and Project Q is pleased to be part of a quantum revolution that both are aspiring to build.

You can read about the Quantum Moment panel, where Associate Professor Biercuk presented a paper on The new quantum revolution, and listen to Professor Reilly’s interview with Project Q on the disruptive technologies of quantum mechanics.