Q Resources

From its inception at the turn of the last century, practically every concept, principle and prediction of quantum has been confirmed; yet the theory has probably generated as many differing interpretations as there have been religious sects. Rather than check papers upon entry, Project Q adopts a big umbrella approach – not in pursuit of some universal view about quantum, but to enable multiple conversations across disciplinary, theoretical and professional divides. We believe this kind of critical pluralism will best yield new pragmatic and strategic applications as well as philosophical and ethical insights.

This means Project Q is open to macrophysical and metaphysical as well as microphysical elements of quantum. Q also takes an effect-based attitude to better understand the metaphorical applications of quantum, and to compare it with earlier appropriations, like those borrowed from Newtonian science to explain state behavior as ‘rational actors’ or ‘billiard balls’. Rather than treat metaphor or metaphysics as a taint, Q acknowledges that any non-mathematical, language-based account of quantum requires a philosophical reflexivity that science alone cannot provide; or as Bohr famously articulated this quantum paradox:

‘We must be clear that when it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry.’

To further a conversation across disciplinary and professional boundaries and to broaden our understanding of quantum, Project Q will curate a selection of art, articles and multimedia organised around four key quantum areas: Matter, Metaphysics, Mind and Moment.

We encourage others to submit useful materials to us at ciss@sydney.edu.au or tweet us @projectqsydney.